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Mindfits is a game inspired by a world full of different shapes and forms. As a part of the the bpb-gamejam 2021, Mindfits has been developed under 24 hours.

With Mindfits, we want to create an experience of frustration, where your brain starts to look for patterns and structures of meaning to help you solve an unsolvable task.  Sometimes, things do not have to fit a pattern. Maybe, things just need to be accepted as they are in their true, raw nature.


Fully immersive, experimental narrative.
Atmospheric environment.
A quirky game with an unexpected turn.
For the best experience, please play with sound on.


Gereon Walter Plättner
Programmer, Game Design, Sound Design, Project Lead

Merve Gümüs (Discord ID :YuMerve#9525/azuja123)
Concept Artist, 2D Artist, Animator

Natali Panic-Cidic (nattnpc.itch.io)
Game Design, Narrative Design, Sound Design

Sara J. Kirchner (saramurai.itch.io)
Game Design, Narrative Design, Sound Design

Ariane Geisler
Game Design, Narrative Design, Sound Design

Lotta Krickel
Concept Design


GameJam06.zip 192 MB

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